The Art of Thinking

Most people have heard the words, “Power of Positive Thinking”, so many times that they have become immune to what these words really mean! Thoughts are tiny seeds of energy that you release into the atmosphere just the way that your voice travels over the telephone. These thoughts bombs flow through the universe searching for the energy that matches it just the same way as your telephone number connects you to people that are calling you.

You may have a bad moment when you think something that you really didn’t mean and that’s fine. It doesn’t mean that the thought disappears it just means that when you realized that you didn’t really want this thought you cut the energy flow that you had to it. No harm done. It will weakly flow through the universe with little or no harm. The only time you create a problem is by continued focus on that negative thought.

The more energy you put into it the bigger the seed grows and you know that old saying about the louder you yell…? Well, this is like yelling this negativity into the universe. The more energy that you add the bigger it gets and one of the universal laws is that you always get what you ask for. The universe is non judgmental and it will give you exactly what you ask for. The thing about this is that most of the time we definitely don’t want it.

So you’ve focused on the thought and cultivated it. The energy is flowing through the universe searching for the same exact energy that matches it because like attracts like and then it returns to its source which is you.

This all sounds so simple and direct and easy to control doesn’t it? Well think about it, about the many times during the day that you’ve looked at yourself and thought about the things that you wanted to change or thought you aren’t good enough, fast enough smart enough, that you couldn’t do this or that or that you need.

You have gotten so used to thinking these things that they have become a habit and you no longer even notice when you do. So, what do you think happens to those thoughts? By thinking you need to change you will forever need to change, you will never find contentment, to think about lack creates continuous lack, not just financially but in all areas, to think that you are unlovable or that you need love creates a life of searching for love.

The key is to focus on what you say, what you think, even in jest, your thoughts have power. They create for you. Make sure that you are creating what you want!

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